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JRPGfan said:

I wanted to pose a "hypothetical" or "what-if" situation where in the near future would could see 3 consoles.

1) Xbox Series X, 12,1 Tflop (4k), 3,6ghz cpu, 1TB ssd ~600$

2) Playstation 5, "upto" 10,3 Tflops (4k), "upto" 3,5Ghz cpu, 825GB SSD. ~500$

3) Xbox Series Y (lockhart), 4+ Tflops (1080p gameing), 3,6ghz cpu, 1TB ssd ~400$

Which of the 3 are you getting? if you could only pick one?

Mar1217 said:
Ha. Joke's on this poll, I'm getting the PSVR 2 !!

Can't help but wonder if the jokes on me, actually. If so, it's a half decent burn. Let's see based on the potential response.

PS5. As long as XB exclusives remain on PC, even if it's not day 1, I'll just upgrade my PC to play them. It should only cost about the same as Lockhart anyway and I'll have just as good, if not better performance, plus a PC.