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AlbiNecroxz said:

I think it's a missed opportunity, there are too many elements that are the same as Pokemon, such as starters (and why 3?), professor, types effectiveness, 4 moves available, wild encounters "cutscene", 6 TemTem per team, IVs and EVs. Of course there are improvements such as stamina in battle and character personalization. One mistake they shouldn't have done is not having limited early access numbers and this caused crash and lag due to the massive number of players, that would have helped a lot for a better impression for the game. My opinion is they should have risk more on improvements and they shouldn't have "copied" (I didn't find a better word for describing this, sorry) so many mechanics from Pokemon

I agree. Its clear they didn't get inspired by pokemon but instead copied it. It still looks extremely safe in all the ways that has made pokemon seem dated in the last decade.

I'm more interested in Yokai Watch 4's international Switch/Ps4 launch as a pokemon competitor but this game does look enticing enough