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Forums - PC Discussion - TemTem, New Pokemon Killer?


Will this influence Pokemon in any way?

Nope, this is not even go... 31 72.09%
Maybe, if Sony or Microso... 1 2.33%
Yes, this is a threat to ... 10 23.26%
Other 1 2.33%

I just heard about this from some co-workers of mine, and I couldn't find a thread on here about it.

"Every kid dreams about becoming a Temtem tamer; exploring the six islands of the Airborne Archipelago, discovering new species, and making good friends along the way. Now it’s your turn to embark on an epic adventure and make those dreams come true." ~ Steam Store Page

This is an MMORPG inspired by Pokemon. The art style, mechanics, etcetera, all seem to be in place to appeal to the old-school Pokemon gamers. It's $35 for Early Access at the moment, but I've heard that queue times can take a couple hours, and if it keeps trending that could get worse.

I'd like to hear from those that have played this game; does it feel like Pokemon? I don't think think any copyright infringement has occurred, but do you think GameFreak or The Pokemon Company will respond in any way? Maybe this will force them to step up their game, as this is looking to be everything that Pokemon Switch should have been. I haven't played it yet and maybe those words are steeped in the hype surrounding this title at the moment. Maybe everyone will forget about this game after a few months and it will be dead. Or maybe Sony will try and snatch exclusive console rights and make this their Pokemon killer?


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It looks fantastic and I'll certainly give it a go, though probably not until it's out of early access.

Though I don't like the term "X Killer" when used for games. It creates confrontation where there is none and riles people up. Nothing's getting killed here, even if the game was a massive success.

Looks good, gives off a good first impression IMO, I like the art style and design of the creatures, hopefully we'll get to see more soon.
I read that they are using some designs that were fan made pokemon (so, fakemon basically) which I think its cool cause some of those artists are fantastic.
I dont think this will influence Pokemon in any way, shape or form tho. Like. At all. Not even in their radar.

I hope this is a success so it creates competition. It might do better than Pokemon since it's on multiple platforms, i'm sure it will do well atleast on Switch. But it won't kill pokemon that's just not realistic. But competition is good and digimon and Yokai watch failed.

Even YW made gamefreak sweat a little during it's prime.

Oh, wow, this was my first time posting a poll. I didn't know the thread was posted before my poll was finished.

As for "X Killer", I see where you're coming from. I couldn't think of a better title, and I wanted people to click. I could change the title if it's too confrontational.

I just heard about this game, but with my 6-month-old, I don't get long periods of time to play games, so I would never make it through the queue. Once things are more accessible I'll give it a go. And I just beat Pokemon Sw/Sh so I'm interested how it will compare. Maybe there will be enough differences for it to have it's own identity; especially if it's an MMO.

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I think it's a missed opportunity, there are too many elements that are the same as Pokemon, such as starters (and why 3?), professor, types effectiveness, 4 moves available, wild encounters "cutscene", 6 TemTem per team, IVs and EVs. Of course there are improvements such as stamina in battle and character personalization. One mistake they shouldn't have done is not having limited early access numbers and this caused crash and lag due to the massive number of players, that would have helped a lot for a better impression for the game. My opinion is they should have risk more on improvements and they shouldn't have "copied" (I didn't find a better word for describing this, sorry) so many mechanics from Pokemon

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Well the boycott of Sword and Shield went so well, may as well promote this as a Pokemon killer too. Nothing will ever kill Pokemon. It's too huge, too nostalgic, and has brand recognition that Tem Tem could only hope to dream of.

That being said, it's a nice effort. I always say that more clones of Nintendo properties is welcomed, as long as they're decent. This does seem to be decent. Would I play it over Pokemon...probably not.

The more pressure, the better. I may check it out once it comes out of early access.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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What a weird way of spelling gamefreak.

Looks like it's off to a good start anyway. 30k people currently playing.