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CrazyGamer2017 said:
0D0 said:
This is the exactly sort of attitude that is ruining this world. Let's replace a live theatre presentation with some pre cooked video with some unknown kind of female robotic voice like on State of Play. Or even cheaper, let's replace everything with just a playlist of trailers.That's why good wood furniture was replaced by cheap furniture that don't last 3 years. That's why glass bottled coke was replaced by cheap plastic bottles that ruin the seas and cause cancer or whatever. That's why shoes that could last 10 years were replaced by Nike crap. Well, not exactly, but you know what I mean?I do get the people that don't give a damm about e3. It's a matter of choice and taste. But I believe that certain decisions don't have to be made just because there's youtube and it sort of solves all problems.

Perhaps you are getting a little bit carried away and losing yourself somewhere deep in the meanders of the point you are trying to make my friend.

Don't you think that saying that my "attitude" is ruining the world, is a tiny bit too much of an overstatement?

For reasons that are totally off-topic here I'm all in favor of ruining/destroying the entire world so if a simple attitude was enough to do that, you and the other 7.8 billion humans would be long gone, that much I can tell you.

Also I don't think I agree with your analogy. Replacing quality furniture by cheap furniture has a very real effect which is, it not lasting as much and not being as reliable as the quality version of that stuff, but replacing an E3 conference with a State of Play or any other video with the SAME information imparted with the public does not change in any form or manner the quality of said information. Revealing a game, a trailer or specs for the PS5 at E3 or in a Youtube video does not change the nature or quality of what is revealed. It's the same thing.

You cannot say: the hardware specs revealed at E3 are amazing vs they suck if the same specs had been revealed in a State of Play. At best you can say it was more fun to watch them at E3 but that is all.

Now having said that I wish to add that I understand your enthusiasm, I actually share it but you cannot deny that it's way more practical (and cheap) for Sony to reveal their stuff in videos or live presentations at a date of THEIR choosing and not at a date imposed by an event they do not control.

Attitude meaning the corporate attitude of making everything cheaper. Not your attitude.

The topic is full of arguments like "why a corporation like sony should throw money at E3 when you can just upload a youtube video and get 9 billion views". Well, that's the attitude of skipping an industry conference to just go cheaper that I'm criticising (the exact point that I had highlighted in your post when I quoted). Even though I'm not saying that that was the real reason behind Sony's decision.

God bless You.

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