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thismeintiel said:

ROS made $15.1M on its 4th weekend. This is 31.7% lower than the $22.1M that Rogue One made in the corresponding weekend. Currently, ROS sits at $478.2M at the DBO, 0.2% higher than RO's $477.4M for the same point in time. If this continues, ROS will make end up with a DBO total of $533.3M vs RO's $532.2M.

Also, that Rogue One total is before you factor in three years of inflation between its release and now. In other words, if current trends continue, The Rise of Skywalker will not only fail to catch up to the total ticket sales of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, but also (domestically at least) to those of Rogue One even. The grand finale of a mainline, Skywalker Saga trilogy, likely to be bested at the American box office by a side story. Now that is pitiful.