Okay, I won't actually be seeing The Rise of Skywalker until tomorrow night, so I can't claim anything with regards to its quality or what it does or doesn't retcon from The Last Jedi. However...

thismeintiel said:

I suggest you get up with Disney, then.  Tell them to stop looking at it as a disappointment that needed to be retconned and made fun of.  They're just the ones that saw the financial decline of the series, after all.  What do they know.

This is the part of your post I was actually addressing. Going by the inflation-adjusted box-office numbers, each entry in the three Star Wars trilogies ranks thusly in the list of all-time most successful movies:

Original Trilogy: 2nd, 13th, 17th

Prequel Trilogy: 19th, 99th, 70th (with the Clone Wars movie being splattered on the windshield of The Dark Knight)

Sequel Trilogy: 11th, 44th, probably somewhere between 30th and 50th (with Rogue One being 62nd, and Solo getting trampled underfoot by Infinity War and Deadpool 2)

Hmm... looks to me from that list that one could actually argue that it was the supposed God-Emperor of all that is Star Wars, George Lucas who oversaw the financial decline of the franchise, and that Disney helped it rebound slightly (albeit their financial mismanagement of Solo went WAY beyond anything that happened under Lucas's tenure).