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Update: So I sent in the Joy-Con for repair last Thursday. I received word that it was delivered to the repair center on the following Monday. That same day i receive a notice that the center is shipping me a repaired/replacement Joy-Con. I received it through UPS on Friday. Overall it was a relatively painless process. It probably helps that the repair center I sent it to was in the same state that I live in. The new Joy-Con worked right away. Now I can play the Switch is Handheld mode for short bursts. I returned the Wired Controller at Gamestop for a full refund no questions asked.

I don't have much time to play the Switch or anything else but NSMB U Deluxe is great to pick up an play. I forgot how difficult these games could be. I haven't played one since NSMB Wii 10 years ago.

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