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Hiku said:

It depends on if moderators think it was done with the intention of stirring the pot with a group. If it pertains to the the big three console manufacturers, then it probably more often appears to be the case, rather than if it was aimed at let's say Square Enix. A person's history with such behavior can also be taken into account, before giving them the benefit of the doubt.

When it comes to the cut off regarding how far back we look for moderation, it tends to be around a month. Exceptions can be made if it's something particularly egregious. Not sure what 3 day situation you're referring to, but if it's someone that's already been banned, then it can be complicated for us to amend their punishment while one is already in effect, due to the tools we have available.

By now it is very old.

I was giving examples that sometimes report of posts don't get looked by moderation (yes I know it is a lot of work, and several times it will take longer than usual to look at what was reported). One time when finally a mod got to the posts reported he said he wasn't going to do anything with it because it was over 3 days ago and the thread was more or less inactive at the time. Not even complaining that was what was done (although some famous offenders get unmoderated and don't have a mark on their history due to several coincidences) but really just giving examples that sometimes even reporting doesn't amount to anything (even if after reporting you PM more than one mod).

As you said yourself if mod team consider the user wasn't trying to flame (strange thing that the interpretation of he trying or not would have more to do with the subject of the flaming not the comment itself) even if there are report nothing will be done. So going to original complain I replied to, it was quite common some time ago to see a lot of 3rd party companies being trashed by a portion of Nintendo fanbase because they didn't make multiplats going to their console or that they instead should make exclusives to Nintendo, while at same thread saying all games from that company were complete trash.... basically saying the company should expend money on the system for no one to buy if they didn't want to be seem as haters of the system. Those never got moderated, and yes you answered to it saying that since there isn't much of a big fanbase for any 3rd party publisher usually even the biggest attacks wouldn't get moderated as interpretation of the mod team is that almost no one would take offense on it (but still that isn't what is in the rules, which by the way I have gotten some moderations that weren't written in the rules).

I feel that even when one has no history of moderation, totally new round here, you're going to read the rules and find out that flaming is flaming.

Then you'll be reading threads and you'll find out that flaming against EA, Square, PS, whatever, goes on here. Accusations without basis. Rudeness. Etc.

Then you think that those posts are not flaming, because they don't get moderated.

So you will end up doing the same thing, but with Nintendo. There: you get moderated. "Ubisoft makes rubbish games". This is cool. "Nintendo is just too expensive and rips off fans". Moderated. You get moderation for sentences like that (when it's Nintendo related).

It's no surprise Nintendo has the biggest crowds here. Sony and Microsoft fans will keep going away, like me (even though I still find pleasure in a couple of threads).

God bless You.

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