Mr Puggsly said:
curl-6 said:

Sorry, but that's just not realistic; if it runs at 900p/30fps in actuality, there is simply no way the headroom is there for it to hit 1080p/60fps in its current form.

The fact is, just because something looks cartoony, doesn't mean it's not demanding on the hardware. If it wasn't demanding, there wouldn't be any need for "corner cutting" as getting a non-demanding game to 1080p on PS4 isn't costly in the first place.

I agree, but nobody would argue UE4 has often shown to be efficient. It also appears late ports using UE4 seem to benefit from improved optimzation probably from engine updates. For example, Hellblade optimization seemed to have improved for X1's late port and Switch likely benefitted as well.

I feel like studios relying on UE4 is often getting underwhelming results. But they do this because its evidently easier and scales fairly well.

Yeah UE4 definitely seems to favour quality over efficiency in terms of its feature set. It's a pretty demanding engine in general. 

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