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Just finished From Russia with Love.

I still love this movie. A lot of the practical and special effects are above and beyond that of Dr. No (btw, my rating for that is 6/10). One thing I did notice is that every night scene was actually shot at night instead of being filmed in the middle of the day with a dark filter over everything. Backgrounds on the train were still daylight shots on green screen with a dark filter over them, but that's fine. It didn't detract from the film. I was just looking for it since it was so prevalent in Dr. No. As for jumpcuts, I only counted two. The first was near the beginning of the film during the gypsy sequence when Grant shot the guy who was about to kill Bond. The second, when Grant is on the train watching Bond before the train left for the second time and Bond got back on the train. If you're not looking for it, you'll miss them.

Loved the characters in this movie as well. Ali Karem Bey was a great side kick. I loved him as much as I loved Quarrel in Dr. No. But I am noticing a trend of them just getting killed off. Oh well. Q was introduced here but forgettable since he's only in the first act of the movie. Sylvia makes a return appearance and she was still great with Bond in his opening scene (which was 18 minutes into the movie!)

Overall, a great Bond film. 9/10

Cars, Cars, Cars: no Astin Martin in this film, or a car chase sequence
Best Bond girl: Tatiana Romanova
Number of girls Bond slept with: 4 (maybe)

  • Sylvia Trench
  • Tatiana
  • the two gypsy girls that were fighting each other (subjective)

But come on, it's 007, you know he slept with those gypsy girls.