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COKTOE said:
I wish I had the fortitude to participate. I've seen all of the Bond movies, with the huge exception of having never watched a Pierce Brosnan Bond. Not. One.

I "grew up" with Moore Bond, so he's my favorite. Any thoughts on doing a complete run through of The Simpsons?

Make a thread for it.


Just finished Dr. No about an hour ago. From the top, I thought Quarrel, Felix Leiter, and Dr. No himself were all great. The writing is really well done, but a lot of Bond's one liners to pick up women really wouldn't work today (they're still charming though). As far as special effects are concerned, for a movie that released in 1962, they're pretty damn good. I did notice a few jump cuts when guns were shot, particularly in the beginning of the movie when Strangways and his secretary are killed. It didn't really detract from the movie though. In the car chase scene when Bond was on his way to fuck the Chinese girl, the close-ups to Bond driving were jarring due to the obvious green screen effect. Not a very great chase and Bond wasn't even driving an Aston Martin (as far as I could tell). I also find it interesting that we don't even get introduced to Honey Ryder until over half-way through the film and she's second billed, even before Dr. No. Oh well, just a bit of trivia.

Best girl: Sylvia Trench

Number of girls Bond slept with: at least 3 I can remember


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