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I'm actually looking forward to this.
Part of it is the historical element of Brain Age being the beginning of the proper casual games market. That is, games where play sessions only require a few minutes a day and have you coming back daily over a long period of time. It wasn't the first casual game: there were some browser games that did this (like Earth 2025 and Utopia) back in the 1990s, and Animal Crossing was an early console game that was less casual (play sessions were usually a minimum of about 10 minutes or so). But, it was Brain Age popularized the genre and began the expansive market on handheld consoles and especially on facebook and mobile.

Also, Brain Age was actually a lot of fun, this one looks like it expands on that original concept. Truthfully, I kind of wanted something like this on Switch - as it currently stands I have been playing the FF8 card game for a few minutes here and there when I have a few minutes of spare time.

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