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Because the new model isn't releasing until September and between now and then sales are going to slow down especially as we get close to September 20th, it could even dip below 2017-18 levels right before the Lite comes out. And it's going to be starting 2020 riding high off of Sword/Shield plus the new model, much like the Switch was riding high off Let's Go and Smash Ultimate entering this year. That eventually that momentum will carry it to Animal Crossing: New Horizons which will only build upon that momentum before it fades off. Pokemon + Animal Crossing + a cheaper handheld model is going to make a lot of handheld-only gamers and parents jump on board when they wouldn't before ESPECIALLY in Japan where weekly sales were starting to go down week over week before Mario Maker 2 launched. Depending on what else Nintendo has slated in 2020 along with that game, it could lead to to sales getting consistently higher. January through late September could see the Switch being consistently up YoY for 2020 until the Lite launch effect kicks in, then who knows.