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KManX89 said:
super_etecoon said:
Nolan has a way of turning all subjects he touches into interesting, beautiful masterpieces. That's a crazy, budget, though.

No kidding. Interstellar made $677 mil worldwide on a $165 mil budget. On a $225 mil budget, that would range from "just" in the green (barely profitable) to actually resulting in a loss for the studio. 

Not saying he isn't capable of making a decent profit on a $225 mil original film that wows audiences because he most certainly is (it's Chris fucking Nolan), but that's a pretty tall order. On that note, he better have another Inception-level hit on his hands. It needs at least $600 mil just to break even (marketing budget and other expenses would bump its total costs to over $300 mil, plus theater take).

Yeah, I guess I forget all those other residual costs.  On the other hand, I think that staying in the green still employs a ton of people who are well respected in the industry.  Not all movies have to result in exponential sales figures to continue justifying their budget.  As it stands Nolan is nothing other than consistently profitable and each of his films are top notch films that crew and cast are proud and honored to work on. 

But yes, I would love, love to see Nolan tackle another mind bending project like Inception or Memento.  And by the way, for those who happen to venture over to IMDB and see that he is remaking that classic, fear not.  Some other studio actually just owns the rights to Memento and he doesn't haven anything to do with its production.  His name is attached because he wrote the film (along with his brother Jonathan, who actually came up with the concept). More than likely I can see the remake (or reimagining) not even seeing the light of day.