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Zoombael said:
SvennoJ said:
For reference, the xbox one x is about 4.5x the xbox one, so a smaller 'jump' than the mid gen refresh....

Jumping Jesus, if the X1X is four(.5) times the X1, does that mean Xarlet is 8(.5)× X1?

Well...that doesnt sound like a lot

Well I've just debunked that the whole console is 4 times more powerful in total, but still you math is off.

Just using teraflops as an example here.

X1 = 1.31 teraflops
1.31 teraflops *4.5 = 5.9 teraflops (X1X has 6 teraflops)
6 teraflops *4 = 24 teraflops

compared to:

1.31 teraflops *8.5 =11.14 teraflops

24 teraflops / 1.31 teraflops = 18.32
or much simpler:
4*4.5 = 18
That means that Scarlett would be 18 times more powerful than Xbox One IF the numbers were true.