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Bofferbrauer2 said:
0D0 said:
In 2019, I think the only discussion that matters is regarding xbox. Nintendo and sony found their ways. What about Micro?

What Microsoft plans to get back into the race will be very interesting.

I just hope they learned their lesson and stop relying on 3rd party to get their games. Because without a strong portfolio of exclusive games the console just won't have enough justification to be bought over the competition, no matter how powerful it might be. They did some steps by buying a couple studios, let's hope they can deliver enough from the start to not get into Wii U droughts.

Will they make the right games? They've been hiring devs and buying devs for years, but so far they haven't made many other franchises like halo and forza

God bless You.

My Total Sales prediction for PS4 by the end of 2021: 110m+

When PS4 will hit 100m consoles sold: Before Christmas 2019

There were three ravens sat on a tree / They were as blacke as they might be / The one of them said to his mate, Where shall we our breakfast take?