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HylianSwordsman said:
super_etecoon said:
I'm really hoping people make some brain bending co-op levels where everyone's running around just trying to figure out a puzzle. I really wish more regular games included co-op puzzles but that just hasn't happened

I said in my last thread I was dying to see some better multiplayer options, and the direct delivered. For puzzles especially, multiplayer has huge potential, both for co-op and competitive. Now we can make puzzles that require multiple people working together to solve, like Snipperclips. Can't wait to play those with my girlfriend. But at the same time, can you imagine for competitive play creating 4 copies of a puzzle that the four players then have to each race to figure out first? And since you can create rooms that stop the camera from scrolling now, it makes it easy to make levels like Zelda dungeons with a bunch of rooms each with a puzzle, so you could create a dungeon that was a series of puzzle rooms that interconnect in different ways and let 4 players loose on it to see who finds the quickest and easiest way through the puzzle dungeon. If the players are in different rooms, they won't see each other solve the puzzles, giving such stages real replayability. I can't wait!

Heck yes!

I'm afraid I'll spend all of my time working on elements like this, but never publishing them.  Here we are dreaming of all the cool concepts and when th game hits it's going to be a bunch of troll levels and don't move levels and music generators.