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Has anyone ever looked at how much software Nintendo sells year in and year out? It is amazing. 2.2 billion in sales over 27 years, is an average of 81.48 million/year or 1.57 million pieces of software/week. According to this website, Japan + Americas sales in 2006 = 33 million + 26.5 million/ 59.5 million. Throw in Europe at (maybe) 23 million or so and you get roughly the average... Now, the question is, is the 1.57 million a consistant figure? Take the week ending March 4th...384,000 in Japan. Zelda, Wii Play, Excite Truck, Wario Ware, Yoshi's Island 2 DS, Nintendogs, Brain Age, Big Brain Academy, New Super Mario Brothers..probably add up to around 300,000 with a plethora of smaller titles bring it up to 400,000 or so. Add in 300,000 for Europe..and it is around 1-1.1 million units sold. Compare that to.. The week ending Feb 24...500,000 in Japan. Probably about the same in North America with Wii Play, and the rest selling stronger due to more recent release. With Europe, you meet the average I think. But then you throw in weeks like the one that ends Dec 24, 2006... 2.2 million for Japan..1.8 million for Americas...1.5 million for Europe?...5.5 million in one week, which accounts for weeks like March 4 (and would offset nearly 3 others as well). I suspect there are maybe 6 super weeks for Nintendo a year (like the week ending Dec 24th), which offset around 18 below average weeks. That leaves 36 weeks of average sales of 1.57 million.. Impressive.

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