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DarthMetalliCube said:

I feel some overstate the horrible nature of TLJ and I especially have a distaste for those who inject their social politic bs into it (whether it comes from either "side"). I feel like with the internet especially, people just drive eachother into a frenzy and things snowball to ridiculous levels.

I wish we can just call it an incredibly dumb and boring movie and leave it at that, move on a hope J.J. will be able to salvage something from the mess left to him with Episode IX.

But I suppose some people take it personally when they see their one of their cherished franchises being left in ruin (at least this is how I see it). To me it's a bit childish and pointless, but so is it childish and pointless to those who seem to take it personal that OTHERS hate this movie, or worse - attack and negatively label others for doing so. Like, what do you care? They have a right to vent about it, given the circumstances, especially those who spent their money to go see it. What's the old saying, "the customer is always right"?

Personally, I still think Episode I is the worst Star Wars film ever made, though the Last Jedi is a close second :P (it certainly looks much nicer visually w/some cool effects, and I prefer the darker tinge to the goofy kiddie themes, Kylo and even Luke at least had hints of depth at times, but in the end it was just very poorly executed).

I am still planning on seeing Episode IX if only because J.J. is back to directing it and it's looking like Palpatine and Luke will be making returns (at least in some form), though TLJ did indeed kill 80% of my hype and sense of wonder I once felt towards this series.

You see JJ.Abrams working on a movie as something positive?

Bruh... He made Alias and Lost... Him being on a movie is as bad a sign as the LJN logo.