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Not all that surprising, but nice to hear. The storage and loading times seem extremely impressive right now though. Waiting to hear how many TF 'XB2(s)' have?

Based on this new info I would expect that at PSX later this year we see a $249 PS4 SS and $349 Pro S. Maybe, just maybe, we also get an announcement for a PS Portable, maybe.

PS5 Nov 2020 for $399-$499. If Pro was still $349 by the time PS5 launches, it would make it easier for PS to price PS5 at $449 if they wish. If it lands at $499, I would have to imagine that only lasts a year and then drops to $399 holiday 2021. $499 with loads of acceptable quality games due to x86 will allow for the same launch numbers as PS3 worst case, but more than likely better with how the worldwide economy is at the moment.

Even with loading speeds faster than anything on the market now, I don't see that meaning an expensive storage solution overall. Expensive for the small amount that's part of the whole loading and storage solution maybe, but something like that I can't see being a substantial portion of the budget. Unless the GPU and/or RAM will suffer because of it, which is possible but I'd think they would rather balance things and use an HDD for mass storage, if it'll give them those speeds anyway with what's on board. Or do they launch at $399-$449 with 500GB on board and let customers make the add on choice of HDD/SSD/SSHD expansion bay/external mass storage?