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So...they brought the Mario Kart motorcycle into Breath of the Wild for DLC.

They've been heading in a sci-fi fashion since Skyward Sword.

What if we can build our own Epona vehicle in the next Zelda. I'd love to scavenge a massive world for parts to beasts that we can ride. I'd love if they could be decked out with upgrades and abilities. Faster speed, jump abilities, flying abilities, magnet wheels so you can ride on metal surfaces. The possibilities are endless.

I know this is silliness and that many are probably groaning right now, but with as massive of a world as BotW offers, and with how useless the horses were, it would seem like a positive alternative to fast travelling everywhere. I like fast travelling, but I'm definitely not a fan of that loading sequence.

I just think at this point the Zelda lore is the most important thing, but everything around that is flexible and that as long as it's entertaining and authentic, we'll accept whatever direction they take us in.