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30ms ping (average)
5.0mbps down
0.6mbps up
300GB cap
$40 per month

This is the highest package available to us other than $60 per month for unlimited, which isn't really worth it with such slow speeds.

DSL only came here around 2012, and the 5.0 mbps package was closer to 2.0 mbps on average before. Mid last year it was finally brought up to snuff because another ISP brought fiber to the closest towns nearby, relieving the congestion on the existing system. I got to speak face to face with the CEO of the fiber ISP and they made it clear their fiber, only a few km's away, ain't coming here for at least a decade, probably longer. Bell also told us they're heavily focusing on simply upgrading the towns and cities since the rural area's don't make business sense, which likely means this is the best we're getting until around 2030 if not later.