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One of the few remakes that would've made sense on the 3DS, and of course it's for Switch. I'm not saying it shouldn't be on Switch. But Luigi's Mansion and Kirby's Epic Yarn don't belong on 3DS.

And this game kind of already got a remake with DX. But maybe that's more just an update or expansion.

Lifetime Sales Predictions 

Switch: 144 million (was 73, then 96, then 113 million, then 125 million)

PS5: 105 million Xbox Series S/X: 60 million

PS4: 120 mil (was 100 then 130 million, then 122 million) Xbox One: 51 mil (was 50 then 55 mil)

3DS: 75.5 mil (was 73, then 77 million)

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