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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Legend of Zelda's Link's Awakening Remake announced for Switch!

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It's actually real, i am so happy about this. And it is a Switch game and not a 3DS-game

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This looks amazing, they did a good job on the artstyle

Thrilled by this.

Breath of the Wild style logo.

Such a great announcement, though why does Link's face look like baby Mario from Yoshi's Island?? Lol

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Oh and also, I get the feeling this is a straight remake instead of a re-imagining like Link Between Worlds??

It's so sqeaky clean and polished up, I love it! /<3/

I hope all of the cutscenes in the game (I think there are like.....three including the trailer scene...?) get this gorgeous animation treatment. I love that they did that. I think Ninty payed attention to all the Indies coming out with 90s anime style cut scenes/art styles and the love they've been getting.

Not a big fan of the direction they're going with the art style, but it's no big deal. Still gonna get and looking forward to how they spruce it up.

Never played Link's Awakening, so this is like a new game for me.

The artstyle is surprising but I think I like it.

Only 2d Zelda ive played it ALBW and that was amazing. This and Hellblade have made my night really. My favourite game getting a port, and my favourite franchise getting a remake. Ahhh bliss.