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Interesting, the rumours finally got it right. Usually they're completely full of crap and are just people trying to drum up traffic for their youtube channels and websites. I'd still say we're hearing something around the time of GDC as well.

It probably means we're getting a first party game this month or March.


I don't have long lists of hopes for stuff they go over: 

1. Final Fantasy 7, and just a statement of how monumental this is for Nintendo+Square fans who saw FF7 going to the PSX as the equivalent of their parents getting divorced =D

2. Animal Crossing, because it's been FAR TOO LONG now. The last home console version was City Folt over a decade ago. Even New Leaf was 6 years ago now.

3. Fire Emblem news, Three Houses stuff will be cool - but I would be even more excited about a translation or remake of Genealogy of the Holy War, or a port of Blazing Blade - I know Wii U got it, but it would be FAR better if Switch got it. I wouldn't mind a remake of Binding Blade either, at least to bring it up to the standards of Blazing Blade - in fact, a dual pack featuring remakes of both games would be fantastic! Just don't add in any AwkenFates junk... well, maybe into the Binding Blade part, but it would be a tragedy if they put it into the prequel, which to this date is still the most well-balanced game in the strategy RPG genre.

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