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Interesting how there’s a pretty big split between those who like IR controls and those who liked the 1:1 motion+.

It just goes to show that the Wii motion gaming was not as simplistic as waggle to go.

I am on the minority side (there’s a few of you in the thread) who enjoyed the accelerometer based controls the most - I think these are best demonstrated in games like WarioWare: but also quite fun in Just Dance and Wii Fit. I also love the IR aiming (particularly in third person).

The idea of 1:1 is something I really appreciate on paper but, unfortunately, didn’t enjoy in practice, at least with how games have been designed to feel more mechanical - e.g. Zelda felt more like a mini game of striking a certain way than using your own sorts of fighting techniques to destroy monsters. On the bright side, I’m glad many enjoy it. And it shows, again, the diversity of motion control tastes Nintendo did and can develop.

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