CarcharodonKraz said:
the conduit for its depth of customization and red steel 2 for how good it felt. After tweeking with the controls of both games it felt completely natural shooting in the conduit and sword fighting in red steel 2. I did really dig archery in skyward sword. For racing, the controls in excite truck were really good.
Seriously though, metroid trilogy should've adopted the conduit customization. Being able to adjust the dead zone was so key to an enjoyable fps motion control experience.

As great as The Conduit felt, I still think the Wiimote controls in the Prime Trilogy felt fantastic. They may not have been as customizable but their predefined settings were well judged and the silky 60fps made aiming an effortless joy, IMO anyway.

Definitely agree on Red Steel 2, of all the games on Wii I felt it was one of the very closest to realizing the full potential of the Wiimote, combat just felt so incredibly satisfying and visceral.

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