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While it's true Nintendo fans don't buy every first party title and nothing else, I think it's rather unsurprising that first party sales dominate the Switch software charts when you compare the games.

I mean, third parties have not exactly brought their A-game to the Switch. There are success stories, like Skyrim and FIFA passing the million mark, Crash Bandicoot on its way to join them shortly, the breakout success Octopath Traveler achieved by emulating the 16-bit era of JRPGs that a lot of long-time Nintendo fans grew up with, etc. But these are hardly a match in quality and appeal for the likes of Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, or Smash Bros Ultimate. While there are some good ones, most third party games on Switch are of comparatively poor quality.

Speaking as a Nintendo fan, I'll buy third party games if I feel they've earned my dollar. I bought Doom and Wolfenstein II for Switch on day 1, I plan to buy Team Sonic Racing and Doom Eternal when they release.

I apply the same scrutiny and standards to both first and third party titles. I buy what I consider to be high quality, and on the whole Nintendo simply does a better job of providing that than Activision or Ubisoft or EA, in my opinion.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 26 December 2018

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