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pokoko said:
I don't see much point in that comparison, to be honest. Nintendo has far more money to spend, a build-in platform for pushing their own content, and a need to produce software to sell their console. Not even close to the same starting point.

And as far as comparing game budgets between third-party and first-party efforts, first-party titles do not have the same overhead. It's not the same situation and people need to stop acting like it's not going to be more expensive for a third-party publisher to produce the same content.

Besides, you can't much fault companies for Yakuza or Monster Hunter when Nintendo has developed over 11,000 Mario-themed games in the same timespan.

Yes. Not only they're far richer, but they sell consoles and besides their new IPs, they have Mario and Pokemon that basically never change and keep them making loads of money.

With Mario, Pokemon and Zelda, they're always good. Mario doesn't change much and sells anyway. Pokemon the same. Zelda is for getting 95 on Metacritic. So they've got an extraordinary platform for trying new things that companies like Sega and Capcom just couldn't afford trying.

God bless You.

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