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It's funny how all the Nintendo people in this community try to judge CTR even though they didn't play (or barely played) this masterpiece.

It's outclassed the last two decades of Kart Racers in every way except visuals and online multiplayer for obvious reasons.

-Full single player campaign with story, cutscenes, and 5 full Hub worlds, Hub Bosses, as well as earnable Trophies/Relics/CTR Token/Gems amongst the hubs/bosses/tracks.
-Varied tracks that reward high skill
-The music is some of the best in the genre
-Extremely balanced roster between light/fast, medium/average, and heavy/strong racers
-Rewarding slide boost mechanic
-Item roster is extremely fair and well-balanced, with the added risk/reward strategy of enhancing all items with the Wumpa fruit system
-Battle/Tournament/Arcade/VS/Time Trial/Adventure modes, up to 4 players

It's a dense, well balanced kart racer, and just damn fun. Sonic All Stars and Mario Karts have come close or done better in some ways, but not the way CTR fired on all cylinders. If it weren't for it's technical age, it would be lapping all other racers out there even today. With this remake (if they nail the controls/online and balancing) it finally has the chance.