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Neither are really selling a system. Both have some OK features.

The main thing about the Switch is it takes the Wii U concept further by actually putting the chip into the tablet so it's not anchored to the living room. But Switch is clearly an evolution of the Wii U concept.

I did kinda like being able to use the Wii U gamepad as a TV remote. I would use it as my TV remote, then play some SNES Virtual Console in between commercial breaks. It worked well. All the ideas they had for that probably would've worked a lot better if the iPad didn't steal all their thunder, if devices like that didn't exist, I could have seen some of the Wii U gamepad functionality (watching Youtube, using it as a remote, checking sports scores, even video chatting) being useful.

But once everyone and their grandma (literally) had a iPad or other tablet in their home a lot of the stuff about the Wii U gamepad that would've been otherwise kind of neat seemed pointless. 

Last edited by Soundwave - on 03 December 2018