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FinalEvangelion said:
Aj_habfan said:
Yea, we knew that a year ago. But the PS3 did so horribly last year, that making a recovery this gen is more of the new mesure of success. We can't just ignore any accomplishment the PS3 has made and say, "It was in first last gen, nothing else matters."


+1.  This thread is rationalization at it's best.  Halo was not the final nail in the coffin for the PS3 and MGS4 launched much better than expected.


I could find reasons the other consoles failed -


Microsoft - Going to most likely end up 3rd this gen instead of 2nd.  They still are not getting the attention of Japan and Mainland Europe very well.


Nintendo - While having much better success than the PS2 did at this point in hardware sales, third parties still aren't giving the same attention as they did to the PS2, as evidenced by all the "Boycott Ubisoft" sigs in Wii Fanboys' sigs.



Give me a break please... just look at your signature. Calling other people fanboys for the something you are doing, very intelligent.

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