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Replicant said:
PwerlvlAmy said:
Sony really should stop making movies. I'm just saying this as someone who is biased though,every movie ive seen that they have churned out has been atrocious. Sony king of gaming, toilet of movies :(

we'll wait and see though, gotta see the first screenshots and first trailer.

Sure, Spider-Man Homecoming and Jumanji were quite generic but what Hollywood blockbusters aren't?

If you look past the blockbusters though, Sony produces and co-produces some enjoyable movies.

Of the ones I've seen in 2017/2018:
T2 Trainspotting
Baby Driver
Blade Runner 2049
Call Me by Your Name
Only the Brave
The Wife
All the Money in the World
Sicario: Day of the Soldado
The Equalizer 2


Can't you just.. you know not see their movies? Why do they have to leave the industry?

Shhhhhhhh! Don't dare you bring in common sense in the Sony Studios bashing bandwagon! Its not like we even care that they have the Sony Classics branch, do we?

While I do agree that the blockbuster attempts of the studio failed in the last couple of years, they are very strong in the art-house department. 

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