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So iv been thinking, through the generations. Nintendo has had a history of adding some fascinating features to there consoles and I have through of a real good idea for there next revision of the Switch. Something Nintendo will probably not do because its Nintendo. 

History shows, and one of my favourite features Nintendo has done in my childhood was releasing the Super Game Boy and the GameCube GBA Player. Now if none of you know what that is, they were a separate addon to the SNES and GC which allowed you to plug in your Gameboy and GBA carts into the console and allows you to play them on the big screen, which added bonues features like a Mario Paint to the games for example: changing the backgrounds or mix and match your own colour pallets to the portable games. They were great additions to those consoles which I felt gave them amazing value for the time and still do.

So what if Nintendo included with there new Switch console a 3DS/DS Card slot? Allowing you to play the games on the big screen and on your portable Switch device, obviously removing and simplifying the games so they run without requiring the dual screens or 3D mode.

Like I said, this feature has been done many times by Nintendo in the past and the fact they still make games for the 3DS and that they will probably want to try to convince 3DS owners to switch (Pun not intended) to the Switch. It makes a lot of sense as a whole for Nintendo and allows more access to software sales of 3DS games for Switch only gamers, and gamers who simply don't own a 3DS.

I would love to see this idea be added, though I know Nintendo long enough (Since the 80s) that they most likely wont do this, however it would be a dream for some and a genuine great feature which will promote Switch sales even further. 

For me, that would be a megaton announcement for the big N.