She didn't understand it was about one specific topic and directed at the whole and not just the individual. Immediately looking to authority to get herself out of the conversation or get him booted was not a surprise.

The last guy can't properly articulate his own thoughts, so why did he bother to sit down? He then tries to make a point about this being approached in the wrong way and that's why the conversations aren't productive, yet can't articulate how to fix that either?

I've yet to see him change his mind. I haven't seen all that many of these, yet it does seem to change his perspective overall, even if slightly. One thing that tends to go off the tracks is the direct topic itself. He tries to make it very clear that he only wants to stick to one specific topic, but it's rare for someone to be able to stay on topic and clearly prove him wrong, or even go off topic and do so. I think he must also pick topics that would be hard to debate so he likely won't be made a fool of. That wouldn't be good for his career.

His main show is pretty good, but since he includes comedy throughout, it makes him seem less credible. He's decent at debating in general and can be pretty funny.