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Thanks everyone for keeping the shop busy while I was away. All this input is making this new city spot loads of fun so far!
I will keep the grand opening stuff there till the weekend is over, and then I will do some clean up. Coffee is still fresh if anyone wants?

BTW what do you guys think of Human Fall Flat? It's been updated with a multiplayer mode and with a discount,
but I think the game has performance issues.

Mnementh said:

So, let's start with Human Resource Machine.

I also Human Resource Machine on the PC, but I heard this was one of the first Switch titles to receive gyro-pointer controls... or was it World of Goo? I like World of Goo the most from Tomorrow Corporation.

Mnementh said:
Mar1217 said:
You reminded me to check out my wish list on the Eshop to look at which games I was waiting for next ...

I actually already reached my limit of games on the wishlist (200). But I'm quite liberal to put things on the wishlist, it is just enough with: deserves a second look. But reaching the limit was incentive to look through the list and remove stuff that does not hold up against other things. And games I already bought (why does the eshop not remove wishlist items I bought over the eshop? It list in the wishlist the game as bought, could as well have removed it).

What? There is a 200 games limit? Thankfully I only have 40 in there, for now.

Cerebralbore101 said:
I'll recommend Super Slime San. It's basically a super meat boy clone, but a damned good one. Just don't try playing it with the Pro Controller. The D-Pad on the Pro Controller isn't accurate enough for this game.

I sent in my pro controller to the Dutch customer service and they returned it saying there was no problem But you and me know there is a dpad issue in the pro, it registers up/down if you press left/right slightly updwards/downwards... it was horrible in PuyoPuyo and I sometimes do wrong taunts on Rocket League due to this...

Either way, I read this for a Dpad fix, still on my to-do-list:

Jaicee said:

Celeste As far as I'm concerned, this is the best game available for the Switch bar none. It's a simple-to-learn, virtually-impossible-to-truly-master 2D platforming game that controls with extreme precision. But that's just the beginning! Celeste is also a beautiful, and genuinely moving, story about navigating depression and anxiety that really hits home for me. The story bits are not forced in or intrusive (in fact, you can opt out of them), but are placed in locations that make them feel like truly natural occurrences in a way that most games don't pull off as well.

I knew Celeste was special, but waiting for a discount does take some discipline I didn't know I had in me. I have truly become Dutch.

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