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Megiddo said:
quickrick said:

And who didn't expect that? switch was suppose to destroy ps4 by this time of the year, literally every one thought this.

Exactly, this is Japan. Home consoles are dead. Everyone knows this. Even Nintendo, which is why their idea of a home console is a portable with an HDMI port. Sony has long given up on Japan and that's why they're seeing enormous success in the west.

I think the wording should be dying, not dead. However I do find it amusing that I been saying this for quiet sometime, but for some reason I am being negative. So sadly not everyone knows this, in fact couple of the people I argued against in this very thread do not know this. 

However I think you made mistake to state Sony has long given up on Japan, but that is an argument for another time. 

However on to the current argument I will argue Monster Hunter effect on hardware was more front loaded than PSP/3DS effect, and it was not as big of an effect as previously seen by those two devices. However I will agree that people need to chill. 

PS4 is doing meh, but it isn't awful.