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FloatingWaffles said:

The same happened to me when I was logged in a few weeks ago on mobile since my PC was gone for a while and I could only use my phone, logged in to post once and then one of those things popped up/redirected that don't let you leave until you hit refresh or something. I logged out but then oddly enough when I visited the site later it said I was logged in again.

Not even just that but basically anytime trying to look at VGChartz on mobile you constantly get those redirects every few minutes, it's not worth it to even try on mobile until it's fixed honestly. 

Those ads can't fuck with your account or infect it or anything, right? Since it happened to me when I was logged in. I had been meaning to ask about this since a few weeks ago since it worried me.

The very nature of these types of redirect which you cannot leave are to trick you into installing software which is designed to "infect" your phone, the majority of them will try and shove adverts down your throat while you're browsing or just as notifications in general.


If you are worried just jump on the playstore and get the free version of AVG antivirus, tell it to go away with offers of paid services and just update the free version, run that on your phone if you're worried about anything you might have accidentally picked up, after using the software though... I would almost advise you uninstall it again, as the free version of AVG itself does actually advertise you to pay for the full version on occasion and isn't something I leave run all the time on my phone.

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