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KLAMarine said:
EricHiggin said:

The need is to point out it's the device makers that are at fault, even if they have been given false information leading them wanting to cause chaos. If they didn't seek out all information available and analyze it properly and come to the conclusion that the info they were given is wrong and they shouldn't do it, it's their fault. If they were forced to do it, with their lives at stake, that's tougher, but knowing the potential outcome of something like this, agreeing to do it would be extremely selfish.

Last I checked, we don't know what happened behind closed doors between Epic Games and Sony so trying to find fault in what happened behind closed doors is doomed from the start.

What we DO know is EG has pointed the finger at Sony for imposing restrictions and it being beyond EG's control to change that. What we also know is Nintendo and Microsoft allow for console cross-play and cross-platform EG account access. Sony does not.

If Epic Games can provide for Microsoft and Nintendo to share Fortnite accounts, why can't the same be done for Sony? Gonna guess this is Sony's fault, not Epic Games's.

EricHiggin said:

*Lot's of completely random stuff*

Eric, with all due respect, try to keep your posts short and to the point. I thank you for all the info but it's hard to follow your thought process since it feels all over the place and there's so much that I lose interest in reading it all.

The what we know point is a poor argument. Basically all your saying is I don't want to think any further than what's thrown in my face by the "authorities" in media. Sheep move because the dog is 'in charge'. In reality, the human is standing there taking everything in and directing the dog to make the sheep do what they want, and the sheep have no clue.

As for the too much info comment, not sure why all the posts so far weren't a problem, yet a bunch at once is too much? Why does separating by multiple posts make it easier? Too many solid points in a row a lot harder to defend? I seriously don't know how much closer I could have laid the dots out. The line they create isn't far from linear.

'Losing interest in reading all of it'. So if it's not in Twitter format it's not worth reading? It explains your strong point of view of how people themselves are almost never to blame but extremely large groups of people with power are the root of all evil.

This is part of the reason big corporations don't listen to the people all that much. I'm sure PS has already thought to themselves, 'we can't explain the entire situation in a tweet, and if we write a few paragraphs on any other platform they'll never read it anyway, and a bunch of cross play pushers will just take it all out of context and tweet a bunch of BS and make us look bad, so let's just go with a typical corporate BS response and leave them all hanging'. 

'Can't beat'm? Meme them!' In all seriousness though, if you and others really want PS to try and work on the account issue and CP, when they ask why, they are going to expect way more than just, 'because it would be fun and XB and Nin are doing it'. That will just get the door or a Fortnite bundle thrown in your face.  Good luck.

flashfire926 said:
EricHiggin said:

What I will point out, is that by constantly bringing up stuff like cross accounts and cross play, over and over, will lead to things staying exactly the same. PS will not change this while the controversy is in people's recent memory. If they are going to allow it, it's going to happen when the dust has long settled, and they can make it look like it was 100% their idea and 100% for the gamers. They will not allow MS and Nin to claim a PR victory from it. You can almost bet they will follow that up with something new to draw in customers to make up for the losses, that is also 'anti consumer' because they will be the only one's who have it. That's just how things work though.

But they did allow MS/Nintendo to get a PR victory. This makes them look worse than the MS/Nintendo. If Sony did enable it, it would be less of a PR victory, since all will be on level ground.

Sure, a very small short lived victory. Losing one small almost meaningless battle, is totally worth the bricks of gold PS were able to retrieve because of it. If they are smart, which I'll assume they are, they are going use the value of that gold to create new cool stuff that nobody else has. They will then decide to free the accounts and allow CP and everyone will cheer and be happy since they can now play with their friends. Meanwhile MS and Nin will be in tears because the customers they thought they were going to gain because of this, are all buying PS products anyway because of the new cool stuff they offer. Heck, PS can just use it to make PS5 super cheap for the performance at launch and that's probably more than enough. Winning this war will be meaningless to XB and Nin if they find out PS has new weapons of mass destruction in their arsenal now. It's all business tactics behind the scenes one way or another.