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kirby007 said:
Aeolus451 said:

It more than implied.

Did he say he would say that? And if its bait, due to someone else saying some dumb shit in the past, isnt it the freaking truth?

It is the truth that I once made a post which was both poorly worded, and in bad taste in regards to transsexuals. A post which I was appropriately moderated for, mind you. It is not the truth that I, or any other member of the mod team will let transgressions against transsexuals slide.

Rol is smart enough to know that what he said was likely to get him a ban, even if he's likely to come back tomorrow to let me know of the numerous reasons I should slap myself. In any case, we're done with this subject in here now. If you want to take it up further, you can take it up with one of the head mods, as Pemalite stated already.