Barkley said:
ZODIARKrebirth said:
great to hear, so hope that atlus let us not wait long for the next part

It'll probably be quite a while, I wouldn't expect Persona 6 till 2022 or later. xD

In the meantime I'd like an updated version of Persona 3, I've never played that one.

Persona 1-2 released on the same console, as did Persona 3 and 4 (which looked like it used the same engine).

Given how lackluster Persona 4 was plot-wise I wouldn't wish it for P6, but there are pretty good chances we see Persona 6 on PS4 before 2022.

Edit : Catherine Full Body is developed by team zero, IIRC P-studio's current project are unknown, so if they are using P5's engine and considering Sega's renewed interest in the series following P5's amazing results, there are few reasons for Persona 6 to not be in development right now.

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