So Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo all have their passionate fans. They each interact with the fans in their own way whether it is through Nintendo Direct, PlayStation Blog, or Major Nelson (is that even still a thing?) but which of the three shows that they hear what fans are saying and actually gives them what they want.

Here are some examples for each:



-When fans hated the Xbox One always online and used game policy they got rid of it before launch.

-Understood that fans wanted to download instead of stream games with Game Pass.

-Saw that PS Plus was giving away free games every month and decided to do that as well.

-Brought back backwards compatibility.

-Embraces certain Cross Platform Online Play

DId Not Listen:

-Canceled Scalebound and Fable Legends (Look what they did to this IP!).

-Forced Kinect bundle with Xbox One Early On




-PS3 fans were jealous of 360 achievements so implemented Trophies.

-Made PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale a game that mostly existed as a forum fan dream concept.

-Did NOT cancel The Last Guardian.

-Scooped up Kojima's Next Game project.

-Gave Freedom Wars a physical release (in Europe) just because fans asked.

-Crash Bandicoot Remaster.

-Fixed Gran Turismo Sport

Did Not Listen:

-No 4K Blu Ray Support for PS4 Pro

-Vita Memory Cards Remained Ridiculously High




-Voice acting in Breath of the Wild.

-Unified Online Account

-Added a second analog stick to New 3DS

-Fan feedback for Smash Character

Did Not Listen:

-Sill no Pokemon MMO (Pokemon Go) or Full 3D mainline console Pokemon (Until Switch version hopefully)

-Metroid Prime Federation Force

-Still no trophy or achievement system

-Ignoring Virtual Console


So Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft if you are reading this I hope this helps you understand how fans feel about feedback.

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