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Brutalyst said:
Ganoncrotch said:

Couldn't disagree more with you mate, Also when you say spiderman 1 and 2 were good, do you mean the ones with Toby? Looking at even a single string of movies such as Thor I really wouldn't have expected some of the twists such as Loki replacing Odin or the destruction of Mjolnir in Ragnorok, also in the MCU seeing certain characters coming together on screen such as Thor and Hulk side by side comparing accolades was both awesome and funny at the same time.


As for comic book movies being targeted to kids... well... who do you think comic books and the action figures of the characters in them are directed to?

Probably wasting your time mate, if he genuinely thinks that they are targeting kids with the movies, it's a lost cause.

I should clarify I don't mean the movies are aimed at young kids, but they are mostly aimed at a generally youngish audience, they're also appreciated by a ton of adults, it's sort of like gaming, we are the enthusiasts who love it and will enjoy it til the day we die, but Disney makes a great amount of their money from these products by selling them to kids and young teens.

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