Nymeria said:
ArchangelMadzz said:
Shouldn't you be comparing infinity war to the previous avengers movies?

A solo superhero movie isn't going to do better than Infinity war.

Domestically it is where Black Panther made 200 million + more than Age of Ultron and 50 million + more than first Avengers.  It is Marvel's most successful film in the United States.

Internationally I don't think Black Panther has a prayer and could see Infinity War doing over a billion outside the US.

Black Panther - 675 million domestically, 640 million internationally

Infinity War prediction - 650 million domestically, 1.1 billion internationally

It is, and black panther appears in infinity war bringing his fans along with him. 

All projections show infinity war winning which is I find this thread a bit mad. 


It's presale tickets are more than the last 7 marvel movies combined, this includes Black panther of course.

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