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See, you keep bringing up these other characters as though it's standing on equal footing. South Park, Batman, Spider-Man, James Bond, Luke Skywalker- yeah, they're all in video games and identify almost fully as characters of the medium they originated on.


The difference here and fatal flaw in your attempts to "deflate" is that these characters released on one medium, and that was it for a long, long time. And when they did appear in games, it was still in low numbers. The first video game about Dragon Ball released less than a year after the first episode, and less than two years after the first chapter. Video games have been ingrained in the identity of Dragon Ball since nearly the beginning. We're not talking about a trilogy of well-made Batman games or something along those lines. We're talking about consistent and numerous video game appearances that don't include cameos. Fuck, man, if we're going to discount cameos, then I'm not even sure Mario's game count surpasses Goku's.


But you know, feel free to make comparisons that aren't apt. And by all means, continue justifying your bait as you not taking this seriously. "I wasn't serious" is shorthand for "dammit, that's a good point".

What am I baiting you towards, exactly? How can I be short-handing admission to good points when my jokes precede your replies? I don't care if Kuririn's game count surpasses all other game franchises combined - he's not a game character. 2 years or 2 minutes after chapter 1 is still after chapter 1. His existence in games still exists as adaptations to embellish the manga. Star Wars has had many more games than on screen appearances, completely eclipsing DB in ratio, and has had a more influential impact on the medium than all of the DB games combined, which have universally been considered mediocre to bad in critical reception literally until this most recent one, being the first to touch 80% on metacritic in the franchise's entire over three decades in the medium. The only reason a game didn't come out sooner for Star Wars is because games as a medium wasn't even popular in the west when Star Wars first came out, and even then its first game predates the first DB game by a few years. All of that is to say that literally none of that makes Star Wars deserving of representation in a franchise about celebrating video game franchises, so DB doesn't even get a seat at the table. When DB stops being an adaptation, it can be in Smash. Since that's impossible, so too shall Freiza's chances in Smash be.

Single phrase responses repeated in spite of points made is not only bait, but it's borderline trollish. It's not adding anything to the conversation, regardless of how you attempt to justify it. Your jokes don't precede anything, they periodically dot the conversation and also populate posts in response to other people with the implication to mock (such as your response to VGP).


And again, so he can be adapted from manga to anime and be both, but not from manga/anime to video games and also be a video game character? His existence in anime is to embellish the manga, the same reasoning you give for why he can't be a video game character as well. Your logic is flawed from the get-go, and you'll honestly only continue making a fool of yourself if you continue that line of contradictory thought.


Star Wars has had a large number of games, yes, but they've had even more comics and novels. 


Oh, so games have to have a good MC to count as games now. I'm sure that's a debate you're willing to have.


Oh, so when Dragon Ball stops making games that are only adaptions of the anime, it can be a video game franchise? You mean like Dragon Ball Z Gaiden, Heroes, or Xenoverse?


Honestly, everytime you try to make a point, it's a mess of contradiction and ignorance of the Dragon Ball franchise. It might be a better idea for you to just say something along the lines of "I just don't want Goku in Smash" rather than attempt to disprove him as a video game character.

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