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As you read the title, this is a Bold Prediction, finally one that will be a challenge. Anyway to explain im going to bet here and now Splat2 in 2018 (japan) for retail sales will surpass 2017 retail sales. Of course im talking about Media Create so no1 say otherwise later :p


Ill be keeping track in post 2 more info, so keep on the look out for updates. Ill be doing this thread weekly as well as BotW one so check that out...


Your thoughts? This hardly if ever does happen. For a game to outsell its launch year is almost madness.... Madness im willing to bet on so just tell me im right or get ready for some crow!!!


2017 Sales 1765k

2018 Sales 532k (so far)


Jan: 232.5k (5week)

Feb: 86.8k

Mar: 81.8k

Apr: 75.9k

May: 29.8k







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