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I can think of two things off the bat that will save a lot of time or be beneficial:

1. If you have made substantial progress on Ursula’s questline, finish it to the end to get the key item that unlocks her level 5 skills. Otherwise you’ll have to do the quests over again from the beginning and all your time is wasted.

2. Get all the easy to acquire Overdrive Protocols. It’s probably fastest to follow a guide to show all the chests - particularly if you are stocking up. This is probably less important if you already feel you have more than enough at the time.

3. If you have made lots of progress on Rex’s Scavenger tank, finish it. Rex' scavenger rank resets. Similar logic as with Ursula's quest applies. If you are close to the highest rank, you might as well go for it to obtain all rewards from rank ups. (Credit: Rol)

4. If you haven't completed town development yet, use your money to get it done. Spending money in shops is the quickest way to raise the development level. There are numerous perks that come with shop ownership that are notably beneficial, especially if you reset all characters' level to 1 on a new game+. (Credit: Rol)

Any others? I’ll add them to this post.

Last edited by Jumpin - on 14 March 2018

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