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Being able to see the first 10 weeks of sales data for each region, for example for Xenoblade Chronicles X, because it released in Japan first, there is no way to see it's first weeks sales for other regions unless you go searching for them elsewhere yourself.

Annual summaries, to see how much the game sold each year since release. 

I also feel like the sales info shouldn't be shifted away into just one corner. If I remember correctly I liked how previously all the sales info had the majority of focus in the middle of the page. The way it is now just seems squashed and it's not interactable as in; you can't go click on Europe to go and see the sales first few sales weeks for UK, Germany and France.

I don't think there is much more problems than that really. Perhaps just a white background option could make the page easier on the eyes to read. I'm just used to the rest of the site for the most part having mostly a white/greyish background for areas of large bodies of text.

Last edited by Green098 - on 20 February 2018