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What I mean by reasonable is this isn't asking for other console exclusives (like how people beg for Bayo 2 on PS4) If it's exclusive on another system as in published by Sony or MS or something like that please does not ask for it. So don't ask for Bloodborne.I also mean games that the Switch can handle. So something like Witcher 3 is out of the question. So what kind of games are reasonable? Maybe something like Digimon Cybersleuth games, Raiden V, Undertale. 3rd party games not on the system yet that the Switch can handle. Last gen games can count as well since Switch should be able to handle them as a general rule. (not a place to debate power)


Let's get started!


Games I'd like to see on Switch and physical since I need it.


Demon Gaze II. These games look interesting as an RPG and since they are on Vita why not Switch.

Digimon Cybersleuth. Good SMT clones and since they are Vita games they fit well on Switch.

Raiden V. Switch is already shaping up to be a good Shmup machine and I'd love to see one of the longest-running series to be on Switch.

.hack GU HD collection. Sure this began on PS2 but it's from Namco and Namco have a good relationship with Nintendo. This can only give the series more sales leading to new games.

Cruis'n Blast. Loved this series in the 90s and Nintendo published it in Arcades so why not a home port?

Ys Origin. Switch is getting Ys VIII and it would be great to get one of the best in the series. Ys Origin.

Okami HD. It was on Wii and the sequel on DS so why not?

Assault Suit Leynos. Well if PS4 gets the remake why not Switch. SNES had the prequel in Cybernator.

Astebreed. One of the best Shmups/Hack n slash games ever. Not very demanding.

Earth Defense Force 4.1. I'm not sure how demanding 5 is so, for now, go with 4.1.

Soldner X FInal Prototype. Great Shmup on Vita and PS3. Why not?

Binary Domain. This is a fantastic TPS but got little love. I think Switch fans would eat it up due to lack of the genre on the system.


I could add more but leaving it open for more suggestions.