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fatslob-:O said:
curl-6 said:

I'm just not seeing all this complex logic in MHW; animation looks nice but its not like the environment is filled with multitudes of NPCs and elaborate physics.

It's filled with more NPCs than RotTR and they act more complex too plus there's many "objects/places of interest" too. There's also more verticality in the level design too and there's so much animations going on that Capcom had to cut the refresh rate of NPC animation to save on performance too ...

RotTR had scenes where you had over a dozen human enemies with complex animations and routines running around at once, I haven't seen scenes that busy in MHW. The interactive foliage in MH is nice, but Breath of the Wild had a similar system and that runs on Wii U, plus unlike in Zelda this interactivity could be removed from MHW without changing the gameplay.

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